Friday, March 5, 2010

9 Months ago today...

{in the NICU the day we went HOME!}
Today Kaden would be 9 months old...but corrected around 5 months.
I like to remind myself that it wasn't meant to be for him to be here.
I have been blessed with some tender I would like to share.
In Relief Society {meeting at church with only women}
last Sunday...a story was told.
Elder Gene R. Cook told a story of when his son was really GrUmPY...and SaD and how he decided to take him into the room and kneel in front of him and say a prayer just for him.
So the DAD prayed FOR the SON
Then a couple weeks later....Elder Cook was having a hard day.
The SON took the DAD in the same room.
The SON prayed FOR the DAD!
how sweet this is...
The son at the end of the day...said
"Dad how did your day go?"
Dad answered:
"very well thanks!"
The son said...I know dad! I ALREADY knew.
"I PRAYED FOR YOU 17 times today."
I have a sense of peace and I realized then...
Kaden PRAYS for his PARENTS!
{what a blessing}
thinking of him today...what's new!?

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  1. Jacquie, I truly needed to read this right now. You are such a good example to me. Also, your "words to live by" was something I needed to read and I need to learn to live this way.

    I am so sorry that Kaden isn't here. But you are right, he prays for you. An Angel prays for you everyday. An adorable Angel prays for you. I fondly remember those times I got to hold him and witness his spirit here on Earth. He is so cute and sweet. I am sure he loves his parents very much and is enjoying your life right along with you.